The Rhyme Writer..KAMANCHI SLY

I am an Emcee, Producer and Hip Hop culturalist for over 25 years. I was raised as a child in Stockwell South London and have been a student of Hip Hop from its very earliest days. My introduction to the culture was through songs like “Rappers Delight” by the Sugar Hill Gang, “Planet Rock” by Afrika Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Force and by films like “The Wild Style”, “Beat Street” and “Breakdance”. I was originally a body poppa.

My earliest lyrical influences were Melle Mel, Run Dmc, LL Cool J, TLA Rock and Kool G Rap. This later extended to Chuck D, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and KRS1. I became a Dj and also an Emcee who went by the name of Mc Ron and i use to play records at Lansdowne Youth Club on South Lambeth Road in Stockwell.

I am a member of  Hijack The Terrorist Group formed in 1980’s we were signed to Music of life and released “Style Wars” and “Hold No Hostage” both records were to change the sound of Hip Hop. We became credited as inventors of Britcore. At this time we probably had two of the best DJs in the world on wax who invented numerous scratch styles that would go on to influence Djs such as Dj Qbert. In the critically acclaimed film on Djing, “Scratch” you will not only hear music by our crew in the form of “Airwave Hijack” but you will hear Dj Qbert acknowledge Dj Undercover and Dj Supreme as direct influences on his style.

Ice T, the great Emcee from Los Angeles and Hollywood director would finally hear about Hijack after appearing on Tim Westwoods show and signed us to the LA Rhyme Syndicate. Our debut album “The Horns Of Jericho” would go on to be the greatest contribution Europe has made to Hip Hop culture and firmly put us up as the No.1 Hardcore Hip Hop act in the country. It is regularly labelled as the best European Hip Hop album.

DJ Undercover, the Crhymster, VinniMc, Landlord of London, Master of Turntables, Lyrical Don and business Professor. He is my friend and business partner. He was the first person to encourage me to be an Emcee, without him there would be no Hijack or Kamanchi Sly, nuff said..

My brother is Agent Fritz, in the garage scene we are known as Dj Pied Piper and Unknown Mc and we produced “Do You Really Like It” which became a UK Number One in the National charts. My brother and i have managed very successful groups in this musical genre.

I produced the album “The Whole Truth” for Mike Glc, the biggest UK underground Hip Hop artist.

I am a graduate from the University Of London with an Honours degree in Pharmacy. I am very passionate about Hip Hop and mentor many young and aspiring artists about the music business through my blog. Please enjoy my site, look around and have some fun, and do not hesitate to contact me with any queries,




Catalyst Recordings..

I set up Catalyst Recordings in 2003 as an avenue to put out the records the way I believe my Hip Hop should look sound and feel. I have released two EPs, The Prodigal Song EP and The lambs To The Slaughter EP both of which were well recieved in the Hip Hop community.. My latest release is Incredible Mc.

My music has to have that true Hip Hop vibe that is to say there has to be an energised vocal delivery of ill rhymes, a hardcore banging beat and some vicious cuts delivered by a dope DJ..Thank you for your continuing support!!

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October 13 2014…In Milan Italy on a wet afternoon…

Peace my HipHop brothers and sisters!! Everything you see in this store has been designed created and produced by myself. In my store at the moment I have my new singles “Incredible Mc” available as a limited edition 7″ vinyl, cassette and MP3 and “Britcore Nutta” also available on 7″ vinyl and digital download. Other tracks are my first release on Catalyst Recordings “Prodigal Son EP” and “Lambs To The Slaughter EP” available for download as mp3. I also have a collection of self designed Tshirts. Look around and enjoy!