‎Kirk James Wadmore‎-FACEBOOK

“Slycriminality-classified timeless hip hop album classic,innovative,creative,inspiring,cleverly crafted lyrics-beats cuts’n’scratches that retain that old school britcore flava & early heritage whilst always looking forward,nitty gritty realism coupled with escapism & with a sprinkle of humour.Love & light,respect & thanks to Kamanchisly Real who has brought us uk hip hop at its finest-walk & skank,britcore hip hop for life attitude & tunes for the future-peace!”


“The much anticipated Kamanchisly album landed at work today. It’s had three listens already, and it’s a hit!
Take it for what it is, a very good British MC still making hiphop.
The haters: If you want Hijack, go and listen to the old classics, the world has moved on since then.”

Richard Bolton-FACEBOOK

“Hijack ARE the best UK hip-hop artists to break out!”

Jason Jeffery-FACEBOOK

“Kamanchi Sly known as the Rhyme Writer” 10/10 ‘Slycriminality’ Fantastic Album easily in the Top ten of the Worlds Greatest MC’s.. Real Hip Hop Thank-you Kamanchi Sly”

Simon Martin-FACEBOOK

“many thanks ksly second cd i ordered arrived today, albums a killer!”

Bryan Watkinson-FACEBOOK

“Oh My Gosh! Dropped by the postman this morning! Kamanchi Sly ‘Slycriminalty’ Album! Do not sleep on this as it’s the best Hip Hop album I’ve heard in ages! Support KSLY on this release at big ups Kamanchisly Real next up the Holy Grail?”

Ihsan Rahim-FACEBOOK

Listening to the album on the train ride home right now. I knew it would be fire, but this one went extra, and really spoke to me. This will be on rotation for a while. Massive respect! Loving the Mark B and Kish shouts!”


“Just got the new album. Thanks for sending.
Can’t remember the last time I listened to a new album all the way through and enjoyed it so much. Just brilliant!”

Heiko Gasterstedt-FACEBOOK

A really awesome old school rap album. So simple are the little joys 😀
Thank you Kamanchisly for this masterpiece ! Hope to see you on tour in germany.. Peace !

René van Duren-FACEBOOK

Just received my package Kamanchisly…. Shirt looking good and listening to the album now! Finally some quality hiphop music!


Just got my Kamanchi Sly ‘Slycriminality’ album in the post today with signed cover! Been a big fan since the 80’s This is an artist that really cares about the music and his fans, wish you much success with the project KSLY!!

Joachim Etter-FACEBOOK

Best Album since ages!! Million thanks for doing this! Keep rolling hard